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As a holiday Destination, Kenya is teeming with numerous activities for you to try out. From hikes, extreme sports to breath taking views of nature in the various national parks and reserves, as a tourist, you are literally spoilt for choice. Lucky for you, we have crafted a list of activities for you to try out:

The Wildebeest Migration

Watching a wonder of the world is a tick off of most people’s bucket lists. But what would be better than a bird’s eye view of the whole show? Thanks to companies like Hot Air Safaris, Governors Balloon Safaris and SkyShip companies, a trip to the sky over the Mara in a hot air balloon, overlooking two million wildebeest migrate is something you will live tell your grandchildren.

Skydiving in Diani

For the adrenaline junkies, this will make your head spin, in the best way possible. Descend from the sky like a god, with scenic views of the sandy beach and the alluring blue water offering a visual feast you will never forget.

Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant

It’s Open Sesame all the way for your taste buds at this amazing restaurant where you experience modern day cave life with an open roof to ensure your hunger for the astroworld is fed too with an exhilarating star gazing experience. Dinner with the stars, aye?

Watch the Whales

Awake the Finding Nemo spirit in you as you watch the whales and their calves jump out of the water in Watamu. The main species id the Humpback whale, but if you’re lucky, you might interact with other whale species. OH! Dolphins too…

The Magic of Kituluni

Isaac Newton’s apple won’t fall on this one as you will get to watch water defy gravity by flowing uphill. Park your car on free gear and they will roll uphill. You better pack your robe and wand, this is the closest you’ll get to Hogwarts, only it will be in Machakos, but who’s saying?

With you in the middle…

6 kilometre north of Kisumu, the equator passes through. Standing in the middle of the northern and southern hemisphere, you stand a chance of experiencing the Coriolis Effect. This means objects or fluids falling do so into different directions. Zero deflection. How cool is that?

Find your roots

Geographically speaking, you can witness some of man’s earliest forms in areas like Koobi Fora, Olorgesaille, hyrax hill and Kariandusi. There are archaeological pieces that help explain the history of man better than your books ever did.

The crying stone at Ilesi

A stone that looks like a person and “cries”, mysterious, yes? Well, you can have the opportunity to see it for yourself in Kakamega County. Listen in to the history and fables around it, it one for the folktales that one.

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