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There are people who live on the edge, peoples whose hearts beat only for the most extreme in life. If it is not a near death experience, it wouldn’t be worth the effort. If you live for such, then this is a bucket list you must tick off of.

Go for an ice swim in Finland
What better way to defy death than to survive hypothermia? For the Finns, this is not much of a risk, but to other people, freezing to death can give you quite the shakes. Why not join them as they dig holes in the ice and set off for a chilling adventure?

Volcano boarding
Snowboarding is for wussies. Volcano boarding is the new sport that will have you begging for mercy. In Cerro Negro, Nicaragua, you can course down the volcano at 80kmph. The volcano just recently erupted in 1999, so as you course down its sides, you can keep in mind that it can erupt again and you could be toast in a second.


Skydive from the Everest
Climbing the Everest is still one of the crazy things to do, but why spend months scaling the heights when you could just enjoy the whole scenery in a dive? Sky diving from the Everest has become a huge attraction for extreme sports people. Try it out.

The dean blue free dive
If you think for a second this has anything with James Dean and his blue eyes, you’ve got another thing coming. This dive will send you down the most heart wrenching shade of darkness there is. If you expect butterflies and unicorns because it is located in the Bahamas, you’ll be surprised. You probably won’t even get past 100meters of it.

Toro challenge
This one never dies down. How about running with angry bulls in Spain? One missed step and the medics won’t probably get to you on time. This is where you will test whether your speed, strategy and adrenaline can project you away from a herd of blood thirsty bulls.

Swim with the sharks
In Australia, your dream to be in a JAWS script could become a reality. Separated only by a cage, you can interact with death in the name of gilled kill machines. You can come up close to the great white shark, an encounter that I can assure you will change your life.

Scariest zip line ever
Pack your courage for this one. At 160kmph in South Africa, you can absolutely turn into a torpedo. If your superpower of choice is super speed, then you get to be a superhero for a day. The only thing you have to save is yourself from a nausea attack because I can promise you, it will happen.

The death drop
In Zambia, you can walk off on a cliff that is 53 meters high and before you can contemplate how fast you could die, free fall at 180kmph. For some glorious minutes, you can enjoy the view of the Batoka Gorge before extreme terror courses through your veins and you start reciting your last prayers as reality hits you all the way down.

Edge walk on the CN Tower
If youre an adrenaline junkie visiting Canada, this is one for the books. Do not try it out if you are afraid of heights. Apart from building levitating courtesy of the half kilometre elevator ride, you can enjoy a view from the roof of the tower’s restaurant. This is a thrill that have your heart beating at 1000 beats per minute.

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