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Travelling is all fun and games until you are in the middle of Mesopotamia in the 15th century with no Wi-Fi and horse drawn chariots in place of Ubers. If you love travelling, there are many travel apps that are recommended, but you simply can’t use them all now can you? Well we know that and we have compiled five apps that as a tourist, you must have.

1. Google translate

I know you can speak many languages but you surely cannot speak all tongues of the planet. Google Translate is important because you need to ask where the nearest restroom when you can’t handle that Indian curry. Having a translation app will also help you blend in, even though your features and accent will work against you to prove otherwise.

2. MedJetAssist

Medical Assistance=Life. There are some people whose knack for adventure takes them to the most treacherous (read uninhabited and with no signal) places on earth. This app will help you conduct basic first aid treatment when you have no access to medical care. You can also store up your medical information so that in case you faint or fall sick, people can have a lead on how to assist you. What a life saver!

3. TripIt

There is nothing worse than taking a whole month to plan a vacation and then once you have arrived at your destination, remember that you forgot to rent out a car. Or book a hotel. Or carry you luggage. Behold, TripIt, one of the best apps available to help you plan for your trip anywhere. This is one master itinerary where you can store all your plane tickets, rentals, bookings and reservations among other details. So you may forget but your app won’t. See, one less problem.

4. XE Currency

You suck at math and we know it. OK, maybe not. But you surely cannot keep tabs of all the fluctuating forex rates. However, why have the headache when an app can do it for you? If you happen to travel a lot, you are frequently met by the need to change currencies and this is the best app I can recommend for you.

5. TripAdvisor

Good old TripAdvisor, because even though you seek adventure, it is wise to know a thing or two about the area you venture into. TripAdvisor contains up to date information from other tourists and some locals so you can find a way to start off your journey. There are pictures too. You can go ahead and check out referrals for places to try out.

They say knowledge is power and well, it is the digital age so you technically do not have to do cram or carry around books just to navigate around a new area. You have smartphones now. Allow them to do the work.
Also, if you have used an app that you feel should be on this list, kindly feel free to let us know in the comments.

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