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There is a reason Kenya is one of the top destinations in the world. From the wild wild interior, to the lush savannah and the white pristine sandy beaches, there is something for everyone. Weddings are in of the most important days in a person’s life, so it is only fair you go all out. Regular weddings are so last century, so check out our list for the most exquisite Kenyan wedding destinations to try out.

1. A Bush Wedding at the Mara

Mara Bushtops – Explore East Africa

The bush is one of the best areas to host a wedding. With outside catering, you can be able to tie the knot in the heart of the savannah. In this setting, you get to enjoy the lush fields with the wildlife and you get to have a game drive on your big day. How about Tarzan or George of the Jungle theme, so that you can fulfill one dream? It’s also the wild, feel free to do as you please. You can also choose to have it during the wildebeest migration, so you can experience a wonder of the world. You’re having wild thoughts now, aren’t you?

2. Lakeside Wedding

Sopa Lodges – Lake Naivasha Sopa

There are as many lakes in the country as there are crocodiles in the Mara. It’s literally one of the best places since lakes are like little oceans but with access to game drives and camp sites. I highly recommend the lakes in the rift valley. Lake Naivasha has countless camping sites at the shore and Lake Bogoria has hot springs. You can never run out of options with this one.

3. The Beach

Beach Wedding, Beach Honey Moon in Kenya
Kenya Advisor

As the sands through the hour glass so are weddings on the beach. It never gets old with this one, and Kenya happens to have just the package. I mean white sandy beaches, aqua clear waters of the Indian Ocean, coves and forts all at your disposal. Try out a cove wedding for a change.

4. Castle

Tafaria Castle and Country Lodge

There’s two of these, Egerton castle in Njoro and Tafaria castle in Mweiga. If you are looking for a laid back but fairy tale kind, with lots of outdoor activity, Egerton is your perfect choice. The well-manicured lawns with a backdrop to die for. If you want the whole towers and white horses façade, you have Tafaria for that.

5. Mountain top

Luxury Safari Resort in Nanyuki, Kenya – Fairmont Safari Club
Fairmont Hotels

We only recently saw a couple who climbed Mt. Kenya to get engaged. This is for those with the adrenaline rush and a feel for the edge in life. It might be practically impossible to carry a whole entourage to the cold most part of the country, so you can go up there and say your vows. Please take pictures and flood your Instagram, make everyone jealous.
Life is too short to not explore the best in life. The world is bursting with opportunity awaiting to be explored. Finding the best wedding destinations in Kenya is not a task. Take time and go through the many options and ensure you find something that floats your boat.

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