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By now, if you haven’t heard of Santorini, you probably live under a rock. If you actually have, the visions you have of the place are all white and blue. Exquisite id say, but before you save up your last coins for an all-white experience, here is a list of things you can do in Santorini.

1. Gaze the caldera

The distinctive terrain morphology of Santorini is the main reason for its extraordinary natural beauty. The striking caldera, which is the result of a great volcanic eruption that shaped the island, covers the west part of Santorini, the villages that are opposite of the volcano. The villages of Oia, Fira, Firostefani and Imerovigli are so beautiful and offer the most exquisite views. Visitors should definitely visit and discover them, sit at cafes or restaurants on the caldera rim or even stay at a hotel built on the majestic caldera cliffs.

2. Boat trip to the volcano

The famous volcano of Santorini is the greatest attraction of the island. It is an active volcano that lies in the Aegean Sea and constitutes an amazing sight. To make the most of it you should step on its two residual islets, explore them and learn about its history, since it played a major role in the island’s evolution. The boat trips also include swimming in the thermal waters of the volcano’s hot springs. This special experience is complete by the stunning view of Santorini from a different point of view.

3. A stop to the Red Beach

The beaches in Santorini are characterized by their distinctive features and volcanic nature. Red Beach is a brilliant example of a miraculous volcanic beach and the most photographed one in Santorini. The reason is the predominant red color on the cliffs, the rocks and the sand that in combination with the dark blue waters constitutes a wild, overwhelming landscape. What’s more, it has a fantastic sea bed ideal for snorkeling.

4. Visit a winery

Santorini has a long tradition in wine making thanks to the rich volcanic soil and the wine is its most popular local product. Every visitor should try as many varieties as possible and the perfect place to do so is a winery. The island has several exemplary wineries that provide tours and insight into wine production. Above all, wine lovers indulge in a palatable experience with various wine varieties and delicious local delicacies.

5. Taste the local cuisine

The fertile earth of the island of Santorini produces unique products that are known for their explosive taste, since the secret is the volcanic nature of the land. It is a must that you go to a traditional tavern to taste, among others, local dishes such as fava, tomato fritters, melitzanosalata (made from white eggplants), Greek salad with capers and wine, and to a sea tavern to try fresh fish and seafood. You won’t regret it as the Greek cuisine is extremely tasty and the fresh products of Santorini take it a step further. In addition, you’ll get the chance to blend in with locals and enjoy the warm Greek hospitality.

6. Visit the archaeological site of Akrotiri

In the lovely village of Akrotiri travellers have the opportunity to see the excavations of the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri. Actually, visitors can walk through the debris of this town, which is in a very good condition, and be transferred to the prehistoric era. It is a prominent archaeological site with great history so make sure you make a visit. Some important finds are also exhibited and can be admired at the Museum of Prehistoric Thera, in Fira.

7. Enjoy the view from Prophet Elias Monastery

The commendable monastery of Prophet Elias, which resembles a fortress and owns an impressive bell tower, is built on the highest point of the whole island, on the mountaintop. Consequently, it becomes obvious that it undoubtedly offers the most spectacular panoramic views on the island. Visitors can take great photographs and, especially during the time the sun sets, the setting gets so astonishing that fills everybody with rapture.

8. Go cliff jumping at Ammoudi Bay

Although it’s not a beach, it is the perfect spot for swimming. Ammoudi is a charming, small port that lies at the bottom of Oia village and has various fish taverns by the sea. Besides being a beautiful, quaint location, it has a path that leads to inviting, crystal-clear waters. If you are brave enough, it is totally recommended that you jump from the high rocks to gain a memorable experience. In either case, swimming in these captivating waters and surroundings while gazing the dazzling cliff face of Oia is utterly rewarding.

9. Explore a castle

The island of Santorini boasts five wondrous Venetian castles, whose remains revive a glorious past era when pirates laid siege to the island. They can be found in the villages of Oia, Imerovigli, Pyrgos, Emporio and Akrotiri and some of them provide awesome views. You can explore them and their towers or walk on their debris, capture splendid images and collect unforgettable moments.

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