6 Hobbies You Can Turn Into An Income Earner


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You have probably heard about people making money off of hobbies, which looks like child’s play until you begin. Like every other entrepreneurial role, there is need to have some discipline if you plan on making a profit from it. In the face of unemployment, here are some of the hobbies you might find useful in making you some extra cash


Everyone has a sweet tooth. And everyone celebrates everything with cake. This is where you can turn some whipping and oven skills into a side hustle. In fact try and go for the common market, so if you can venture into something like making kdfs, you’ll have an open market for things you are producing. The requirements are not many and, if lucky, you can begin in your parent’s home. Create a range of flavors and a price list. And keep records.

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Okay this on may be a little blown at the moment. However, it is so for a reason… From weddings to baby shoots to baby bumps to portfolios to nature to literally everything, the lens have proved to work for people. Especially for tap into people who want their social media.

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Well isn’t it what everyone wants today? But thing is, while there are many people making it a thing they can do, once they notice it’s not cashing in, they leave the boat. However, the trick is, find a niche, like tourism or technology. Then stick to it and produce quality content. In this same context, you can try out vlogging, which is like blogging, but instead of writing stuff you film short videos. This is getting popular by the day because it’s more visual. Take your pick of different range of laptops here: Shop for laptops.

Web design

There is the need to make websites and blogs nowadays for portfolios, digital ones at least. And setting up and maintaining these websites just happens to be a good hobby that you can turn into a viable business opportunity.

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Outside catering

This may require a bit of practice since there are economies of scale. However, you can start small, like for small birthday parties or baby showers. There are parties going down all over. Get around in your circle and see how that goes. And you can purchase all your essentials here: Kitchen essentials.

Nanny services

There are many people who have children but they won’t be needing the the services of a full time nanny but a baby sitter. This can work exceptionally well when you are in campus. The hours are flexible and good as you can schedule them with the person that you’ll be providing the service for. It wouldn’t be much of an income earlier, but it can get you through a tough time.

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