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A millennium ago, if the then occupant of the earth had been asked what expectations they had of the future, they’d have thought we’d be having airborne means of transportation. Probably telepathy. I know we have planes but, you know, spaceships and all. But then here we are, with communication devices evolving faster than we can say ‘fold’.

Here are the foldable expectations of the year.

Huawei X Mate

When opened out, you’ve got a full screen 8-inch tablet; when snapped shut, you’ve got screens front and rear, as well as a grip holding the camera technology. It’s also thinner than you might think, and as well as packing some premium specs (including the Kirin 980 processor) it also offers 5G connectivity. Not a bad package.

This is even pricier than the Samsung Galaxy Fold though: Huawei says the price will be €2,299 (about £2,000) when the Mate X goes on sale in summer. If you like the look of it, you’d better start saving.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has a 7.3-inch screen that folds over itself when you’re ready to put it in your pocket.

Out in April 2019, the phone is going to set you back a whopping $1,980 (that’s about  £1,515), but at least you get plenty of tech inside: a high-end processor, 12GB of RAM, and 512GB of storage. There’s going to be a triple-lens 16MP+12MP+12MP rear camera, and a 4,380mAh battery split up into two sections (because of that fold).

On the software side, Samsung says you can run three apps alongside each other on the Fold, should you want to. What’s more, any app that you’re running on the front of the device will seamlessly switch to the middle once you open it out.

Motorola Razr 2019

From the noises that Motorola has been making, it’s not going to be far behind Samsung with a foldable phone, and apparently it’s also going to carry the iconic Motorola Razr branding. It’s going to be a flip phone then, but with a full foldable screen inside when you open it up.

These rumors have been around for a while. It was back in February 2017 that Yang Yuanqing, the CEO of Lenovo (which owns Motorola) told TechRadar: “With the new technology, particularly foldable screens, I think you will see more and more innovation on our smartphone design. So hopefully what you just described [the Motorola Razr brand] will be developed or released very soon.

There is rampant talk of Oppo also releasing one with specs very similar to those of the Samsung Fold. However we can only wait and see if they get on the ride on this one.

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