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Gamers have to agree the upgrade is something worthwhile. See from the beginning, gamers have wanted to at least get a taste of racing cars they cannot afford. Fairy godmother Forza just swished her wand, well, and some code, and made all this come true. For starters, the Forza 5 gets personal with the cars. It’s not about thumbnails anymore but a detailed history of the car and what you can expect from it. There is a uniform audio, lighting slides over bodywork that are a visual feast and guess what glows, the brake lights!

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The haptic triggers of the Xbox One are excellent feedback givers on the state of the wheels, whether they are slipping or braking, giving you a larger than life driving experience. There is range of cars in the selection that will take up some time to use, based on the accessibility status that Forza has, but good news is, you can use your garage cars or ‘rent’ on out. Considering how much we love our treats, you may be disappointed to know there are no reward cars for high driver levels on the promotions.

You know how you screenshot that awesome picture on Instagram while you can still make your own? Same case with the Forza 5. You have the liberty to tune your car to whatever colour and design you want. However, you also have the option to search up other designs from other players to copy a design or two.

Another super cool Forza 5 feature is Drivitar. See, in single player mode, the AI pitches you up against rivals who are based on real life characters of their online avatars. Go ahead and set the level to one that you feel is just right for you. The tracks may be a tad bit below the Forza 4 but for an autohead, this game is not just an essential. It’s a must have.

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