Tips on choosing the best Wi-Fi router for your home


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There are many home owners looking for the right Wi-Fi routers. Many homes are experiencing increased rates of items that need Wi-Fi, like phones, gaming consoles, computers and other video streaming devices all that need high speed Wi-Fi for the amount of traffic for the time. To find the right kind of Wi-Fi router, here are three tips to know.

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1. Take on one with 802.11ac

This is a must if you have many gadget. A wireless router with 802.11ac aka gigabit Wi-Fi is the best because even at its least level, it has 1300mbps of throughput. This speed is almost double the maximum of the previous version. It is also compatible with the older devices, though minus the speed boost.

2. Buy from a retailer with returns

Due to the different kinds of people who have different kinds of needs. Even after the first tests, some routers fail to work as expected. Find a retailer who will allow you to exchange the router if the need arises. For instance, even some of the best routers will require complete setup every time you change the gadgets. To help, ensure you read through different product reviews.

3. Placement is a big consideration

There is nothing worse than having to move out of your comfort zone to go find a few bars of the signal. A single room apartment would not be a problem. However, if you have a roomy house, find the most central spot. Put it in the open instead of hiding it. after buying and configuring it, take time and find the best part to place the router.

With all these considered, do not work out so much about the price. However, it is wise to have a budget.

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