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Healthy children are every parents dream and FitBit for kids is here to ensure the dream is a reality. With fitness and activity trackers from FitBit, parents can track if their kids are getting the right amount of fitness per given period and master their children’s sleeping patterns at their fingertips. This ensures your kids get enough exercise even when you’re not around to remind them.

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Features of Fitbit for kids

While Fitbit has a range of products for all age brackets, the children’s bit is a feast for their young eyes and a joy for parents. Not only do they come in an array of colors, they have a clear LED display and offer sleep tracking qualities. This easy, they vibrate gently to wake up the wearer only. It has a sturdy clip to ensure it does not loosen or get lost. It also has an outstanding 10-14 day battery life on a full charge. The battery is also user replaceable. Most of them are also pocket friendly considering the assistance they offer and their durability.


Benefits of having a Fit Bit are numerous. for starters, parents have the opportunity to access their children’s sleeping patterns and activities, so they can be able to tell when a child is sick or when they are just tired. It has been proven physically active kids have more brain activity and Fitbit helps children maintain a physical activity routine. It is also a fashionable accessory as it comes in colors and styles that are kid friendly.

Disadvantages of FitBit for Kids

There are minimal disadvantages to using FitBit for kids. One of the major ones being the fact kids will see exercise and games more as a chore and not for fun, as it should be. Sleeping with them can also cause exposure to EMF radiation, but you can work this out by finding the older version that works more mechanically than digitally.

While it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle for yourself and for your children, it is wise to consider that kids also have a say in what they want. FitBit for kids is an excellent tool but as a parent, do not let your lifestyle choices cloud your kid’s childhood. It is not mandatory to have one, but it is important. Talk it through and help them understand its benefits. Then they do not have to take it off or put it on the dog to make you feel better.

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